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(As written in 1986 yearbook, page 132)
by Jarrett Robinson

Misawa's high school was founded in 1948, and was originally located in what is now Sollars Elementary School. As the school's population increased, there became a need for more space and, after the 1960 school year, the high school was relocated to what is now the annnex buildings.

Blueprints, old yearbooks, and personal interviews have provided us with enough information to know that the old school (annex) was originally only one building, a recreation center, but grew with the addition of numerous new wings. These new wings included Army barracks from a now defunct US Army camp in Hachinohe, mobile buildings from the Sollars site, and various other structures. In regards to the rumor that part of the old school was a hospital brought down from Chitose, no hard facts have been found to prove this claim.

By the late 70's, the high school was becoming rather delapidated, and therefore a new school was constructed to take its place. This new school opened in mid-1983 and has served as the main school ever since. As of now though, the school's population has greatly exceeded the previously protracted levels, and the new Edgren High School (see name change info below) is not adequate for the number of students now attending.

A large addition is to be added to the high school in the future so as to accommodate a projected school populace of 675 in 1988. This addition will be located in the area behind the present school, and will solve the crowding problem of today's school.

The school facilities have improved greatly over the years, and as time passes, this will continue to occur. Misawa's future is indeed looking up, especially when one considers our humble beginnings.

Amazing to hear for those of us who were there in the early days. Anyone out there have any update information since this article in 1986? If so, please let me know.

School Name Change: In the mid 70's, there was a very well loved Base Commander, Colonel Robert D. Edgren, who PCS'd stateside with his wife and two children, Caryl and Scott (they had attended Misawa High School). Shortly after their return stateside, Colonel Edgren died of a heart attack. The school asked permission of the ranking Colonel on the base, Wing Commander Colonel Mellot, and the name change to Robert D. Edgren High School was granted. Unfortunately, he failed to ask permission of the head of DODD schools in Washington DC. However, the name change was allowed.

Also with the name change came some other school changes. The Misawa Missiles were changed to the Edgren Eagles. And the school song changed. So for all of you who remember it one way...the others aren't wrong either. The school is fondly remembered both ways.

Note: If I have repeated this account of events in error, please let me know. As I was not there when the name changed, I only have the story as passed down from others who were there at the time. I will be more than happy to correct any inconsistencies.


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